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Around Sidney, British Columbia
Whale watching along the east coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia is an exhilarating experience. Many varieties of whales pass thru the area. Orcas (killer whales), humpback whales, and Minke whales are seen in their natural habitat as they migrate along the island's west coast. Whales in our area are so common that some tour companies guarantee sightings, or you can take another tour with them.

Humpback whales can grow up to 16 meters in length, and are well-known for their aquatic acrobatics, sometimes jumping completely out of the water and slapping the waves, with their massive tails. They also know for their songs during breeding season. Sightings are most common from August to October.

Orcas (actually dolphins, not whales) are the main attraction when it comes to whale watching along Vancouver Island's east coast. Resident orcas--those that travel in pods--are very common in the Vancouver Island area. The Sydney coast is home to three orca pods: J, K, and L. The best time to view the orca pods is from May to September, although they can be seen throughout the year.

Minke whales (named after an 18th-century Norwegian whaler), the second smallest of the baleen whales. Minke whales typcially operate independently of each other, and don't coordinate their travel patterns. Consequently, Minke whale sightings are not a common as are orca or humpback whale sightings. However, they do happen, so you would definitely want to keep an eye out for them when whale watching in the area. You are most likely to encounter Minke whales during the spring and fall.

Other fascinating sea life is common around Sidney's coast. Sea lions, seals, river otters, dolphins, and propoise inhabit the area and can be seen on a regular basis. A wide variety of sea birds are also here.

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